English for professionals

This section is consist of English learning resources focused on developing language skills of professionals. These resources cover a wide array of industries including Business and Finance, Customer care, Aviation, Medical and Hospitality.

English for learners

The lessons in this section are pretty much for any learner at any language proficiency. The lessons are quite general. There are also lessons focused on popular language proficiency exams.

English for educators

As the name suggests, this section is for ESL educators. You will find many teacher training stuff and also lessons for popular teaching certifications such as Cambridge TKT.


About Noel

Noel Perera has helped thousands of English learners, online and offline, during his 13+ years of coaching. His coaching includes wide variety of English language workshops for young adults, adults, teachers and business professionals. Noel Perera is a former IT student, whose IT career was crushed with a passion for English. Finding a new career path as an English language coach was destiny.